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SYK-10L 4K Object Tracking & Laser Night Vision Gimbal Camera

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4.00 KGS

SYK-10L 4K Gimbal Camera with 4K resolution, 10X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom, 200 m Laser night vision, and object tracking capabilities is an ideal tool for security, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations.

With an impressive 8.29 million effective pixels, the SYK-10L 4K delivers crystal-clear 4K resolution images, enabling users to capture detailed visuals with remarkable clarity and precision. Whether it's monitoring large areas or obtaining evidence-grade footage, this high-resolution camera ensures every detail is captured accurately.

In no-light conditions, the 200 m Laser night vision module comes into play, effectively lighting up the surroundings and enabling the camera to capture clear images and videos. This feature is especially valuable for nighttime surveillance and monitoring in dimly lit areas, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.

SYK-10L 4K can be installed in both upright and inverted positions, allowing users to adapt the camera to different mounting requirements.

4K Resolution
40X Hybrid Zoom
Laser Night Vision
Object Tracking

Your Purchase Includes:
1x SYK-10L 4K Laser Night Vision Gimbal Camera
1x Ethernet Cable
1x Power Cable
1x SBus Cable
1x Serial Port Cable
1x GCU Module

User Manual


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