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S400 Level 4B Autonomous Inspection Drone

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19.00 KGS


S400 is an autonomous drone powered by AI for exceptional data capture. Even under extreme conditions with no satellite signals and strong electromagnetic interference, it is capable of high-precision navigation, real-time path planning, and autonomous obstacle-avoidance flight, demonstrating its exceptional environmental adaptability and intelligent flight performance.
The S400 autonomous drone comes in two versions: the S400H Version, equipped with an 8MP high-definition CMOS sensor, offering outstanding image data acquisition capability; and the S400T Version, equipped with a high-resolution thermal imaging camera of 640x512, capable of measuring temperatures in the range of -20°C to 150°C.

Biomimetic Vision Technology
Utilizing biomimetic vision technology, relying on powerful edge computing capabilities, S400 drone can realize real-time perception and 3D map construction of the surrounding environment, and complete path planning and intelligent decision-
making based on the spatial information of obstacles in the surrounding environment.

Level 4 Autonomous Flying
In 90% of complex scenarios, pilot control is not required, featuring fully autonomous intelligent flight with spatial environment awareness, obstacle recognition, and real-time path planning. S400 can operate in more complex and unpredictable environments, such as urban landscapes or disaster zones, where human pilots might struggle to navigate.

Navigation with NO GNSS & Anti-EMI System & 3D Reconstruction
Equipped with high-resolution cameras and specialized sensors that can quickly and safely provide highly accurate and detailed 3D mapping of underground terrains with no GNSS; can inspect 220 Kilowatt high voltage transformers in for signs of damage, corrosion, or other issues that could affect their performance or safety.

Your Purchase Includes:
1x S400 Autonomous Drone (S400H or S400T)
2x Battery
4x Pairs of Propeller
4x Propeller Guards

Autonomous Drone Intelligent Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Real-time 3D Mapping and Display Navigation without GNSS Anti-EMI Drone Autonomous Inspection Drone Autonomous Drone Intelligent Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Real-time 3D Mapping and Display Navigation without GNSSAnti-EMI Drone

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