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Diamond Battery

Diamond HV Series Semi-Solid-State Li-ion Battery 12S 20000 mAh~38000 mAh

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$889.00 - $1,559.00

6.50 KGS

Note: Please contact sales before placing your order.

Diamond HV Semi-Solid-State Li-ion Battery features high energy density, high discharge rate, low-temperature resistance and high safety performance.
It supports max 15C discharge rate and takes the Diamond HV battery 6S 24000mAh as an example, it can still discharge 96% of its capacity even at -20℃.
Diamond HV series semi-solid-state li-lon battery has a higher voltage charge per cell to provide more power for the UAV and largely improve the flight time. AYK-250 using 2* 6S 32000 mAh or 1* 12S 32000 mAh has 30 min longer flight time than that using 2* 6S 25000 mAh.
Diamond HV battery is suitable for UAVs or other electrical equipment that requires long endurance time such as AYK 250, AYK 320, etc.
-High Discharge Rate
-4.45 V Per Cell
-285 Wh/kg Energy Density
-1000 Times Cycle
-Lowest -20℃ Working Temperature

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