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Diamond Battery

Diamond HVT 12S 66000 mAh Semi-Solid-State Li-ion Battery

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10.00 KGS

Note: Please contact sales before placing your order.

Diamond HVT 12S 66000 mAh low-temperature semi-solid-state li-ion battery features 292 Wh/kg high energy density, high discharge rate, low-temperature resistance and high safety performance.
It supports max 15C discharge rate, and it can still discharge 80% of its capacity even at -40℃.
Diamond HVT 12S 66000 mAh semi-solid-state li-lon battery has a higher voltage charge per cell (4.45V Per Cell) to provide more power for the UAV and largely improve the flight time, which is suitable for UAVs or other electrical equipment that requires long endurance time.

High Discharge Rate
1000 Times Cycle
4.45V Per Cell
292 Wh/kg Energy Density
Lowest -40℃ Working Temperature

Your Purchase Includes:
1x Diamond HVT 12S 66000mAh Semi-Solid-State Li-ion Battery

Voltage 47.4 V
Capacity 66000 mAh
Max Discharge Rate 15C
Charge 1C
Power 3128.4 Wh
Energy Density 292 Wh/kg
Size 250*165*126 mm
Weight 10650g
Plug QS8-S

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