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Gopher-20 Sewer Crawler Pipe Inspection Robot with HD Camera

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90.00 KGS


Gopher-20 sewer crawler is a pipe inspection robot equipped with front and rear dual HD cameras to navigate through pipes or other confined spaces, such as ducts and tunnels, to identify problems such as clogs, cracks, and leaks that can cause damage in the system.

The Gopher-20 pipe crawler robot also contains an electric winch with 100m cable and a control box with a monitor.

The Gopher-20 pipe inspection robot is very rugged, reliable and suitable for used in lines starting with 220mm diameters and max 300m (option) in length, and with an IP68 rating.
(Note:Gopher-20 supports a maximum pipe diameter of 220mm,and the camera cannot elevate in 220mm diameter pipes.)

Main Features:
- Gopher-20 sewer crawler can be controlled remotely move in confined spaces and hazardous areas where people cannot easily reach for visual evaluation.
- Remote control of forward and backward movement, turning, as well as camera operations including rotation, flipping, focusing, and recording etc.
- Gopher-20 pipe inspection robot is equipped with front and rear dual HD cameras to capture high-quality footage, and supports real-time image transmission.
- 2 megapixels, 10X optical zoom camera, with 360° Rotation and 220° flip, get clear imagery with pan, tilt, and zoom capability.
- Electric lifting frame for camera, making inspection tasks more flexible and efficient.
- 110mm/150mm interchangeable wheels, providing lots of flexibility in inspecting pipelines of varying diameters.
- With ambient light and adjustable illumination.

1. The camera is waterproof, but check the pressure value displayed on the screen before submerging. Inflate if the pressure is insufficient.
2. Before retracting the cable, reset the camera to ensure it is level before retraction.

Your Purchase Includes:
1x Gopher-20 Sewer Crawler Pipe Inspection Robot
1x Electric Winch with 100m Cable
1x Control Box with Monitor

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Type Gopher-20
Waterproof IP68 Waterproof
Cable Length 100m (standard)-300m (customized)
Wheel 110mm/150mm Replaceable
Pipe Diameter 200mm-3500mm
Waterproof IP68
Screen 10.1 Inch HD Screen
Resolution 1920×1080
Camera Pixel 2 Megapixels
Optical Zoom 10X 
Camera Type PTZ Camera, 360° Rotation, 220° flip
Storage Capacity 32G
Light Adjustable LED Light
Light LUX 20*10000 LUX
Application Inner Pipe Inspection

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