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SEEKER-30 TIRM Dual-Sensor Laser Rangefinder 30X Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

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4.00 KGS

The SEEKER-30 TIRM is a dual-sensor gimbal camera equipped with a laser rangefinder. It combines a high-performance 30x optical zoom camera, a 640*480 thermal camera, and a powerful 3000m laser rangefinder.

Built on FOC technology, the 3-axis gimbal ensures exceptional stability, accuracy, and sensitivity. Even at maximum 30x optical zoom, the image remains remarkably stable. The gimbal control speed is adjustable, offering a fast speed mode for small zooming ranges, enabling sensitive and quick gimbal control. The low-speed mode is ideal for larger zooming ranges, facilitating precise targeting of objects.

The thermal camera operates based on heat detection, allowing it to identify sources such as fire sparks in forests or the location of individuals and animals. This feature provides valuable insights in various scenarios.

With its high-precision laser rangefinder, the SEEKER-30 TIRM accurately analyzes the GPS location and distance of objects within a 3000-meter range. The information is automatically displayed on the screen, enhancing situational awareness.

The SEEKER-30 TIRM supports dual-sensor object tracking, with a tracking speed of up to 32 pixels/frame. It can track objects ranging from 3232 pixels to 128128 pixels. The 3-axis gimbal can be controlled via PWM, SBUS, TCP, and serial port interfaces, offering flexibility and convenience.

Weighing 1031g, the SEEKER-30 TIRM is compatible with drone platforms such as the AYK-250 VTOL and RHEA 160 hexacopter. It is well-suited for various applications, including power line inspection, disaster prevention, emergency monitoring and inspection, as well as search and rescue missions.

Your Purchase Includes:
1x SEEKER-30 TIRM Dual-Sensor Laser rangefinder 30X Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal
1x Power Cable
1x USB-TTL Cable

Manual Download
Serial Command Communication Protocol

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