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Seeker-40 Pro TIR Dual-Sensor AI Tracking Camera Quick-mount Version

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5.00 KGS

Seeker-40 Pro TIR is a 3-axis high-precision gimbal camera with 40x optical zoom SONY COMS sensor which adopts a 5.13MP high resolution EO sensor, and a resolution of 640*512 19mm lens uncooled long wave IR thermal imager sensor. It supports optical zoom, photographing and video, target tracking, thermal imaging and AI auto recognition of vehicle and human.
It supports OSD, the information of gimbal pitch angle, optical zoom and FOV of camera, and tracking box can be displayed on the screen of the control divices. When input the external GPS and time, the GPS latitude and longitude, altitude, and real-time time will be displayed on screen. The OSD can be turned off when not needed. GPS coordinate and shooting time can be also saved in image file.
Seeker-40 Pro TIR features with aluminum alloy housing and anti-interference. The 3 axis gimbal can achieve stabilization in yaw, roll and pitch. Integrated with damping system, gimbal can greatly reduce mechanical vibration to stabilize image.
Seeker-40 Pro is widely used in UAV industries of public security, electric power, fire fighting, zoom aerial photography and other industrial applications.
This version is the Ethernet port edition, not the HDMI edition.

40X Optical Zoom
640*512 Thermal Image
Target Tracking & AI Auto Recognition
OSD Information Overlay
Ethernet Output
360° Rotation

Your Purchase Includes:
1x Seeker-40 Pro TIR
1x USB to TTL Cable
4x Copper Cylinder
8x M3 Screw
1x Power Cable
1x PWM Control Cable
1x TTL / S.BUS Control Cable
3x TTL Connect Cable
1x Ethernet Cable

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