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T-3600 Tethered Power System

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$16,199.00 - $16,599.00

24.00 KGS

Note: A voltage converter is needed to lift 110V into 220V to supply the tethered system. And there are three types of plug to choose, UK, US and EU, please leave a note when ordering to tell us which plug you need.

Foxtech T-3600 Tethered Power System has an excellent performance prolonging flight time by transferring the 220Vac power to 385Vdc required by the onboard power, and converting into 50V(12S Lipo) for the drone or onboard equipment. T-3600 Tethered Power System, with 94% converting efficiency, can minimize losses during the conversion process.

Easy to Use
The ground station only weights 21kg, and the onboard power is about 1.15kg. The total supply power of the power system is up to 3600W.
The onboard power module leaves installation positions on both top and bottom so it can be mounted easily.

Protective Design
Foxtech T-3600 Tethered Power System also applies overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection and short-circuit protection, and can fulfill automatic restoration after short-circuit.

Video/data Transmission
With optical fibre interface, it also can realize data and video transmission(coupled with video/data transmission module like VD Pro).

T-3600 Tethered Power System coupled with commercial drones can be applied in many different fields by loading different equipment, and mainly used as relay station, long time observation station in the air etc. Theoretically, hexacopters using Foxtech T-3600 Tethered Power System can realize unlimited flight time. (4*24h continuous flight has been tested when producing.)

Note: Please make sure the drone using tethered power system can work fine for long time. When using T-3600, a smaller onboard battery can be chosen, if you don’t know the fitting battery capacity, please reach to our sales staff.

Your Purchase Includes:
1x Tethered Power Ground Station
1x Tethered Power Onboard Unit
1x Ground Station Power Cable
1x Optical Fiber Cable
1x Optical Fiber Plug Adaptor
1x Voltage Converter(For 110V input)

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Ground Station Weight 21 KG
Ground Station Size 400*300*300 MM
Onboard Unit Weight 1.15 KG
Onboard Unit Size 180*110*45 MM
Cable Weight 22 G/M
Cable Length 100 M
Output Power 12 S
Output Power 3600 W
Voltage Input 220 Vac
Onboard Unit Voltage Output 50 Vdc

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