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T4000 Tethered Power System

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$15,699.00 - $20,799.00

23.00 KGS

T4000 Tethered Power System consisting of tethered box and onboard power supply module is designed to provide unlimited, reliable and redundant power source for drones and overcome the limitation of flight duration in the range of 0-100m altitude. T4000 tethered power system has two version: standard version and M300 version.

The tethered power supply system transfers the 220Vac power to 400Vdc required by the onboard power, then the onboard power module output 25V(option) or 50V(12s lipo) for the drone to realize ultra-long time hovering. The ultra-light onboard power (less than 500g) replaces the battery, enables you to fly as long as required. T4000 Tethered Power System features light weight and small volume, which is able to be carried and operated by one person.

The fiber optic communication is also supported (option), which has the advantage of high communication capacity, anti-electromagnetic interference and high data security.

T4000 tethered power system is suitable for various drones like RHEA 160, GAIA 160MP hexacopter, DJI M300 etc. When the DJI M300 uses TB60 batteries, the maximum net load capacity is 1.4kg in tethered flight within a height of 100 meters. Taking overheating and loss into consideration, the suggested flight time per flight is 4 hours.

T4000 tethered power system coupled with commercial drones can be applied in many different fields by loading different equipment. Mainly used as relay station, long time observation station, emergency lighting in the air etc.

Note: There are three types of plug to choose, UK, US and EU, please leave a note when ordering to tell us which plug you need. Customization service is available, and welcome to contact us by live chat or email us at:

Your Purchase Includes:
1x T4000 Tethered Box
1x 3m 110V/220V AC Power Supply Cable
1x Onboard Power Supply Module
Manual Download

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