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XQ Series Tethered Balloon System

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$129.00 - $30,859.00

19.00 KGS


Disclaimer for Product Use:
This product is compatible with both helium and hydrogen gas, however, we strongly discourage the use of hydrogen due to its higher risk factor. During inflation, it is essential to wear gloves and be mindful of sharp objects in the vicinity, such as tree branches. When folding the product, please follow the folding instructions provided. Users must exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines at all times, assuming responsibility for any associated risks.

The XQ Series Tethered Balloon (aerostat ) can be inflated in just 5-15 minutes. It can ascend to a height of 300 meters, providing a prolonged hover time of 15-30 days for relevant payload missions, along with higher flight altitudes and stable energy supply, capable of withstanding wind disturbances of up to Level 4 and weather conditions below moderate rain. The XQ Series Tethered Balloon allows users to customize payloads according to mission requirements. For instance, it can be equipped with communication payloads to serve as a communication relay platform or base station, significantly extending ground swarm communication ranges, particularly useful in areas with obstacles such as forests for tasks like search and rescue or mountain patrols. It can also carry imaging transmission payloads for mid-to-long-term monitoring purposes and can be utilized as a relay platform for UAVs, enhancing communication distances for various aircraft.

XQ Series Tethered Balloon boasts features such as leak resistance, waterproofing, and high cost-effectiveness. Its buoyancy envelope adopts a pumpkin-shaped structure, resilient to wind speeds of 2-3m/s.

This product adjusts the altitude of the balloon through a high-strength composite cable made of Kevlar, with ascent speeds reaching up to 4m/s. The tether cable is a combination of load-bearing cable and cable/fiber optic cable composite structure, with length and core count customizable according to user requirements.

The ground winch device is equipped with two power interfaces, one for powering the itself and the other for powering the payload. The device is driven by an independent motor that adjusts motor parameters according to rope diameter to accommodate various rope sizes. Additionally, the device features a display screen for real-time altitude display and adjustable rope retrieval speed.

Pumpkin-Shaped Pressure Structure
15-30 Days Long-Term Stationing
Leak-Proof and Waterproofing
High-strength Tethering Cable

Your Purchase Includes:
1x XQ Series Tethered Balloon
1x Pipe Valve Accessories
1x Ground Winch Device
1x 100 m Tethering Cable

The images shown are of the 5-meter version; the 3-meter and 4-meter versions do not include tail fins.

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